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Cat House | Bed with Scratcher and Hiding Places | Cat Tower and Condo All in 1 |

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Cat House, Bed with Scratcher and Hiding Places an all in 1 MasterPiece


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The Perfect All in 1 Home for Your Kittens!
I. Elegant: Designed to elegantly blend with any décor in your home.
II. Medium Size: 18.5 Inch high and with 2 levels of rest to accommodate SEVERAL kittens.
III. Comfortable and Safe: Each one of the rest areas is EXTRA Spongy at all levels for greater security and comfort of the Condominium.
IV. Privacy: Its private den creates a fun hideaway and its padded top promotes relaxation for your cat.
V. Gym: 100% Mexican and Natural SISAL Blanket Made by Hand and with Catnip Infusion, so that they have their daily dose of exercise, sharpen their claws and leave your furniture in PEACE.
VI. Ready to Use: No assembly required … Unpack and enjoy seeing your pets happy.
VII. Protect Furniture From Scratches: Our condo with CATNIP infused will attract your kitty’s attention and effectively protect your furniture against the small but sharp claws of your furry friends, and prove a fun place for their entertainment.
VIII. Stable and strong structure: It accommodates cats up to 15 kilos in weight without any problem.
It promotes instinct, fostering the cat’s inherent need to scratch. Helps keep nails healthy, removing debris and old nail coatings while preventing damage to the home.
Reliable and robust construction that makes it durable and scratch resistant.
100% satisfaction guaranteed:

* 100% Mexican EXPORT SISAL.
* 100% Natural Materials that protect your pet and the environment.
Product for indoor use.
Height: 18.5 Inches
Diameter: 145 Inches
Windows: Height: 7.8 Inches Width: 9.8 Inches

Cat House | Bed with Scratcher and Hiding Places | Cat Tower and Condo All in 1 |
Cat House | Bed with Scratcher and Hiding Places | Cat Tower and Condo All in 1 |


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