Hibiscus Extract – Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. Flower

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Our product is a Hibiscus Extract made with 100% Mexican Hibiscus

Sabdariffa L. Flower with total effectiveness due to its functional properties.


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The price list in Ex. Ws. (no intermediaries) of our Hibiscus Flower Extract of High Concentration is:

Price per liter buying ONE IBC Container (1250 liters)

IBC Container with 1250 Liters / 330 Gls

One IBC Container: $7.95 USD / liter ($30.00 USD / gl)*



Connecting Nature & Health

Our product is a Hibiscus Extract made with 100% Mexican Hibiscus

Sabdariffa L. Flower with total effectiveness due to its functional properties.

Made from 100% Mexican Hibiscus Flowers harvested in Family-owned farms,

hand-picked and carefully selected, our High Quality inputs are transformed by a

traditional, careful and unique process that preserves the original flavor and

beneficial components unique to the Hibiscus S. Flower, such as

Anthocyanins, Procyanidins and Hydro soluble dietetic fiber – which is indispensable for

the absorption of Antioxidants.

Mix our Hibiscus Extract with your current beverage and enjoy its

refreshing, original and natural flavor. Also, you have the great benefit to transform

your current line of beverages into a totally functional – healthy beverage for

your clients.

Our Hibiscus Extract offers a wide use for different type of beverages such

as cocktails and alcoholic beverages – especially with tequila, rum, beer, brandy,

vodka and cognac.

Delicious. Just mix and enjoy its original, refreshing and unique flavor !

100% Healthy. *Research has shown that a regular Hibiscus

intake is particularly beneficial to our health, it is an auxiliary

weight loss and it is a strong diuretic and detoxifier.

(*see bibliography at the end)

Sugar – Free. Customize it: Add regular or low-calorie sugar, sugar

substitutes, or simply don’t add anything at all.

Versatile. Can be mixed with sodas, fruit juice, energy / recovery

drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc., or can be prepared as a comforting hot

tea or a refreshing cold beverage.

Exotic and a high-yield product. 1 liter yields up to 20 liters of a delicious

and healthy beverage.

Ready to be shipped anywhere that is needed: We currently export to

our Clients in North America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Hibiscus Extract made with 100% Mexican Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. Flower.

Smell and flavor: Natural smell and flavor of the original Mexican Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. Flower

Aerobic mesophiles: Undetectable / 10< UFCml

Fungi and yeasts: Undetectable / 10< UFCml

Total Coliform: Undetectable / 3< NMPml

PH: 2.24 – 2.27

Density: 1.0130 – 1.0160

Acidity as Citric Acid: 3.07

Total Solids (Brix) %: 8.2% +/- 0.4 (by refractometer)

As this is a natural product, these specifications could have slight variations from harvest to harvest

as a consequence of weather and geographical areas within México.


 99.88% Extract of 100% Mexican Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. Flower

 Citric Acid (E 330)

 Less than 0.1% Potassium Sorbate (E 202) as preservative of its freshness

 Less than 0.02% of Sodium Benzoate (E 211) as preservative of its freshness

 NOTE: Non artificial nor natural color added.

Storage and Shelf – Life:

The extract is not frozen or aseptic and its shelf life is more than 24 months at room temperature

and with good ventilation. However, after 24 months (regardless if it’s been opened several times

or not), semester bacteriological evaluations are recommended to assure quality. The product

should always be protected from sun light exposure.

Production availability & Industrial presentations:

The industrial presentation is in IBC Containers of 1000 Lts / Kgs (265 gls / 2236 Lbs) or in IBC

of 1250 Lts / Kgs (330 Gls / 2794 Lbs) or the presentation that you require.

Current available capacity is + 20,000 Lts / 5300 Gls per month and we can deliver worldwide. We

are also willing to increase our product / output capacity according to your company’s needs – as

long as there is proper production planning and a strong commitment from both parties.

Use suggestion:

Our suggestion is to mix 1 Liter / Gal of our High Concentrate Hibiscus Extract to make 16 – 20

Liters / 16 – 20 Gls of the beverage required (Fruit Juice, Teas, Sodas, Energy / Recovery

Drinks, Cocktails, etc).

Export information:

– FDA – DHHS Approved since 2004.

Our Hibiscus Extract is currently approved and sold in:

 Americas: Canada, USA, Trinidad & Tobago and Puerto Rico.

 Europe: European Union & Switzerland.

Tariff Code: 2101.2001

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the importing company to verify with customs officials in its

Country whether this tariff code is accepted without paying import taxes. If you consider necessary, we can use the denomination that you deem appropriate.

Please consider the following in order to obtain the best possible price:

1.- Crops of the Hibiscus Flower may vary in quantity each year as a

result of climate change and could have a variation in price.

2.- To ensure the best price and your orders during the year, it is

essential to place your annual purchase order no later than

December 15th, after that date, due to the high demand of Hibiscus

Flower, we might NOT be able to get it or if achieved, the price could

be higher than the initial price set.

3.- For the U.S. and Canada: The Final Price until the door of your

facility (Cost + Freight + Customs + Insurance) per liter (kg) / gl (lb)

of the Hibiscus Extract is given when you confirm your order.

4.- For all other Countries: The Final Price per liter (kg) / gl (lb) of

the Hibiscus Extract is given when you confirm your order and will

depend on the INCOTERM required.

*The cost of freight, customs and insurance must be added to the price quoted for each specific order, which will be provided by the forwarder companies.

The payment system is the following:

-40% When placing your order,

-30% Once the cargo has been released by the FDA to be ready for-delivery within the U.S. or Canada / For the rest of the world :

Once the cargo is ready to be sent to the port of departure.

 30% Remaining balance once the product has arrived to your facility within the U.S. or Canada / For the rest of the world :

Once you have received the B.L. of the vessel

Una micro empresa fabricante de Extracto liquido de Flor de Hibiscus (Jamaica) 100% Mexicana, Natural y Funcional de alta de Concentración para diluir con cualquier tipo de bebidas.
Con más de 17 años de experiencia en B2B, registrado desde 2004 ante la FDA y exportando actualmente a Puerto Rico, con experiencia de exportación y aceptación por las autoridades sanitarias de la Unión Europea (España), de la Asociación Europea de Libre Comercio (Suiza), Canadá, Caribe y U.S.A.

Hibiscus Extract – Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. Flower
Hibiscus Extract – Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. Flower
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