U.S. Marketplace offers new, safe platform to find cost and time effective providers from places other than China

Amid the current market challenges, the high impact of logistics and quality, 

U.S. buyers are looking for new providers. 

COVID19 has impacted imports from China (immensely). China has exported an average of $ 479,702 million USD to the U.S. Covid-19, however has shaken the level of negotiations between the two countries, adding to the challenges in an already deteriorating relationship. According to a recent survey, the U.S. consumer has lost trust in products made in China and more than 93% of those surveyed would rather buy products made in Mexico than in China. 

About a year ago, Elias Chavando, expert in classified marketplaces & US – Mexico trade, experienced consultant to more than 70 marketplaces, ex-director of Autotrader.com and founder of Reagan.com and Radiovisa.com, started a new platform called Progresando.com. Chavando noted that there is a window of opportunity to improve the quality, turn-around time, logistics and costs for products previously obtained from China.

The North American online trade market is an untapped market. In 2017, total trilateral merchandise trade (the total of each country’s imports from one another) reached nearly US$1.1 trillion and there is no platform that provides efficient trade.  

Progresando.com developed its online web interface which allows sellers to create their own store and promote their products and services with the seller community (and other venues). Buyers will be able to search for items by name, functionality, features and keywords. The system will deliver search results providing graphical information of the item, the location, a description, availability and the seller’s information and rating. In the near future, users will be able to conduct the entire transaction in the platform including using Progresando’s escrow services and using Progresando’s electronic currency. 

Progresando.com launches July 1, 2020, the same day that the new U.S. Mexico, Canada Agreement (USMCA) goes into effect. Progresando will be the main Marketplace to import and export products between major manufacturers from Mexico, USA and Canada. Since Elias Chavando is very familiar with both cultures and markets, it is critical to him to maximize the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico. He hopes to (reach) over 50,000 Mexicans businesses which have the capacity to export to the U.S. He has assembled an experienced team which has experience in foreign commerce and who will provide consulting to businesses in industries like: fashion and shoes, automobile (auto parts, accessories, maintenance products), electronics, food and beverage, healthcare, home furnishings, pets and toys, among others. 

 “México offers quality products, low costs and convenient logistics all of which play an important role in commerce, negotiations and economic development between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. These benefits as well as the language, trust, and vicinity and time zones advantages have been key to making Progresando.com spearhead this Marketplace with Mexico thereby to generating major business (transactions) between both countries. 

“I am sure that Progresando.com will bring valuable assets to (U.S. buyers and sellers) with powerful tools and proven methods which are focused on consulting, negotiation, and successful sales deals. Our expert team empowers (buyers) with experience in import, export, bilingual and bicultural expertise to offer each client personalized and professional attention.” 

About Progresando.com:

Progresando is set to become the leading online wholesale and retail marketplace in North America targeting the largest international trading market, US, Canada & Mexico. Buyers and sellers on Progresando.com are typically trade agents, wholesalers, retailers, manufactures and SME’s engaged in the import and export business. In addition, Progresando offers consulting specializing in marketing, sales and negotiation B2B between American and Mexican business partners who would like to increase their sales and market expansion. 

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