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U.S. Companies Scramble to Meet Surge in Demand

Consumers are splurging on cars and furniture—and facing extended waits for delivery. Restaurants and gyms are reopening—and struggling to find workers. Factories and home builders are trying to ra...
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Estos son los tratados de libre comercio que tiene México con el mundo.

En verdad, no existen excusas para no vender nuestros productos a otros países. te pone en contacto con los compradores que te están buscando (pero no te encuentran).  T-MEC o USMCA...
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New Data Shows U.S. Companies Are Definitely Leaving China

The trade war saw a fall in China exports to the U.S. Companies restructured their supply chains. … U.S. companies are leaving China thanks to the trade war. They’ll leave even more thanks to...
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As many as 76% of U.S. firms with factories in China have decided or are considering moving plants to other countries

Latin America is blowing a great opportunity to lure companies fleeing China Latin America has a golden opportunity to reverse its worst economic crisis in almost 100 years by attracting multinatio...
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USMCA – Agricultural Markets

Agricultural Markets U.S. farmers stand to benefit from expanded access to Canadian markets under the USMCA. Under the terms of the new trade agreement, Canada will eliminate country of origin stat...
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Importante empresa Americana crea un nuevo modelo de Marketplace para empoderar a los empresarios mexicanos que deseen vender en USA

Tras los grandes desafíos de mercado, el alto impacto logístico y la calidad, los norteamericanos están buscando nuevos proveedores. Al igual que muchos países alrededor del mundo, estamos enfrenta...
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U.S. Marketplace offers new, safe platform to find cost and time effective providers from places other than China

Amid the current market challenges, the high impact of logistics and quality,  U.S. buyers are looking for new providers.  COVID19 has impacted imports from China (immensely). China has e...
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USMCA – New Labor Regulations

According to automotive unions like the United Auto Workers, part of Mexico’s appeal for automakers looking to outsource manufacturing to the United States’ southern neighbor is that they can pay w...
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